Product Information
Polylac Characteristics
Width x Length (mm) 1220 x 2800
Thickness (mm) 8 / 18
Surface PET
Panel MDF
Edge Band Acrylic (single color / double color), ABS

Polylac is an ecological multi-layered decorative panel, with the highest scratch
and heat resistance on the market. It also has the highest gloss level in the industry
with a mirror like reflection.

Surface can be glossy or matte depending on the PET to be used in Polylac.    
Polylac panel is made by pressing a high-density decorative paper to MDF.
A specially developed bio-optimised transparent PET film is then laminated on the surface to protect it from external factors.

Polylac can be used it kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, hotel furniture, office furniture and wall panel applications.
Acrylic and ABS edgebands are avaliable to be used for the edges.

  • Why Polylac?
    1-EXCLUSIVE: Polylac has the best quality panels you can find worldwide.
    2-EXCELLENT SCRATCH RESISTANCE: Polylac has the highest scratch resistance in the world with the mirror reflection.
    3- ECOLOGICAL : One of the world’s most important authorities approved our quality. Polylac is certified by Forest Stewardship Council.
    4- ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Polylac is one of the most ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY products in the industry. It’s 100% PVC free!
    5- EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN: Polylac is easy to clean and maintain. All domestic products can be use to clean it, but mild soap and water will be adequate to keep the surface shinning like a mirror.
    6- SMOOTH SURFACE AND DEPTH EFFECT: Gizir uses the best quality papers and component to procure Polylac with the highest gloss level, smooth surface finish and richness of color design.
    What is digitally printed polylac?

    Digitally printed polylac is created by printing the high intensity décor paper on mdf panel and then applying the requested pattern/picture to the requested surface in high density with paint resistant to UV. Finally, transparent PET film which is developed through special R&D processes is laminated to the surface and the product is protected from external factors..

     Polylac carries the characteristics of panel. It has high glossiness and highest level of scratch resistance. No fractures or cracks occur in the cutting or banding thanks to the specially developed flexible PET technology.

    Digitally printed Polylac panels protect their first day appearance for many years. Additionally, they have unlimited number of color and pattern choices.

Color Groups