GIZIR AS commits not to take part in any of the following activities which are directly or indirectly seen unacceptable by  as long as it has the FSC® certificate (FSC® C124239).

  • Cutting or trading the illegal trees and forestry products,
  • Violation of traditional rights and human rights during forestry operations,
  • Destruction of forests with high protection values during forestry operations,
  • Transformation of natural forest sites / areas to plantations or nonforest sites / areas,
  • Usage of genetically changed organisms in the forestry operations,
  • Violation of any ILO (International Labor Organization) Basic Convention determined in ILO declaration about the basic labor principles and rights.

Ref: GN-COC-2011-04 Annex B / FSC®-POL-01-004
ADANA, 15.07.2014
General Manager
Gizir Ahşap İnş. Tur. San. Tic. A.Ş.

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