Gizir Company is one of the World’s leading and fastest growing manufacturers of furnishing supplies. Over 55 years the Gizir name has become synonymous with service and quality and we aim to become a global brand by using the latest technology and by producing superior-quality products on the market.

In accordance with its innovative and reliable marketing policy, Gizir meets their clients’ needs by providing the best quality, affordable pricing and continuous customer satisfaction. In order to achieve these goals, Gizir has carefully positioned it facilities in a fully integrated closed area of 85.000 m². Gizir’s products are currently available in over 70 countries worldwide.

Gizir not only meets the requirements of international standards to give TSE - the certificate of sufficiency of qualitative or TS EN ISO 9001, 2008 - quality management system, but also carries out activities aiming to become a global brand.

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